You can add or remove the button's shortcode in Customize > Header > Header Text Area: 

1. In case you've lost the demo code, you can copy it here:

<div class="vamtam-button-wrap vamtam-button-width-auto vamtam-button-has-icon">
<a href="/contact" target="_self" class="vamtam-button accent1 hover-accent2 button-solid" style="padding: 32px 30px; font-size: 16px;" role="button">
<span class="vamtam-button-text">Get a Quote</span>
<i class="vamtam-button-icon vamtam-button-icon-after fa vamtam-theme-arrow-right-long"></i>

2. You can edit the button link here (the link has to be /inner-page or

<a href="/contact/" target="_self" class="vamtam-button accent1 hover-accent2 button-solid" role="button">
<span class="vamtam-button-text">Free Quote</span>

3. You can also generate some different shortcode using the Vamtam Beaver Builder (please check Guide to Vamtam Beaver Builder and How to save and re-use particular rows) and add it to the Header Text area.

Next, you have to create a Page Builder shortcode (please check

The last step is to add the saved row shortcode into the Header text area.