For easier editing you can clone existing page/post and simply customize its content.

Using a duplicate plugin

1. Download, install and activate the Duplicate post plugin:

2. Go to the pages/posts list, hover the post you'd like to duplicate, and click on the "Clone" link:

3. Now you have the cloned page saved as Draft - click on the "Edit" link to customize its title and content

4. Please note that this plugin will duplicate the page's content and local settings, it will NOT clone the sidebars and widgets!

Once the page is cloned, you can add manually the widgets following this guide:  Vamtam Beaver Themes: How to create sidebars and add widgets to them with Widget Visibility Module (Jetpack)


Question: "I installed the plugin, but the projects posts don't have clone-option?"

Answer: Please go to Settings > Duplicate Post > Permissions > enable the "Projects" post type > Save changes