This tutorial is kindly provided by the plugin developer. Please check this link for more detailed documentation: 

Getting Started:

How to build a multilingual site with Beaver Builder and Polylang: 

In order to have Beaver Builder working with Polylang, you need to change a couple of settings in Polylang:

Select the option "The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks"

Make sure this in NOT ticked "Hide URL language information for default language"

Select this option "Remove /language/ in pretty permalinks"

Make sure this box is ticked "The front page url contains the language code instead of the page name or page id"

The easiest way to translate the content is a duplication, followed by a manual connection of the translations. 

 this article (this is the premium version of the plugin)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I tried to create a new translation for the footer template, but the settings for translation are missing.

A: These options have to be checked:
Now you can translate the header and footer templates:

Q: When I try to translate the footer, a new template is created by default. 

A: To add the template translation, start writing the language version here: 

Next publish the changes.

Q: Check this image. I'm using Polylang for Arabic but when I select the slider for the Arabic home page, it automatically revert to English so how can I fix it?


A: Regarding Slider Revolution translation - the synchronisation in Polylang settings has to be disabled: