The Vamtam Beaver Builder integration allows you adding complex layouts to the widget areas of your website. You can also edit them easily using the builder Guide to Vamtam Beaver Builder in some easy steps:


Please note that the screenshots are for explanatory purposes. The content look may change.

Step 1:

Open the Wordpress customizer from the top Toolbar > Widgets > ex. Main Widget area (left) > VamTam Builder Layout > Check which template does it use:

Step 2:

Next, go to Dashboard > VamTam Builder > Templates or Saved Rows > ex. Appointments sidebar > click the VamTam Builder to edit the template / saved row:

Step 3:

Make your changes using the builder Guide to Vamtam Beaver Builder

In order to save your changes please click on the "Done" button:

Next, click on the "Publish" button:

Step 4:

You can edit the widget visibility according to your preferences following this guide: Vamtam Beaver Themes: How to create sidebars and add widgets to them with Widget Visibility Module (Jetpack)