The new VamTam feature - VamTam Icons, allows you to add easily new icons to the existing gallery with bundled icons and to use them in a variety of different elements with the VamTam Beaver Builder.

Please follow the steps below:

Preparing the font:

Step 1:

The first step is to prepare the font using the IcoMoon App or Fontello Icon Fonts Generator. Please go to this address: or

Step 2:

Next add your custom icons or select from the Library and click on the Download webfont button to save the .zip file on your computer:



Step 1:

The first step is to prepare a font using the IcoMoon App. Please go to this address:

Step 2:

Next click on the Import Icons button:


(1) Please note that if you import your own icons they should be SVG images, SVG fonts ot JSONs exported by IcoMoon!

Step 3:

Next, click on the "Generate Font" button:

Step 4:

You have to customize the font name in Preferences: 

Step 5: 

You have to also customize the "Class Prefix" in Preferences:

Step 6: 

At the end please click on the Download button and save the .zip file on your computer.

For more information about the Icomoon app, please read this article:

Adding the font to the Icon Font Manager:

Step 1:

You can find the Icon Font Manager in Dashboard > VamTam Builder > Settings > Upload Icon Set

Step 2:

Select and upload the ZIP you've downloaded from the Icon Fonts Generator in Step 2 (see the instruction above) and click on the "Select file" button.

Step 3:

That's all. If you see this message: "Settings updated!", you've uploaded the new icons successfully.

You can find the new icons in the bundled icons library:

and here they are:

Please note that you may need to clear your browser's cache.