Customize your theme in the Theme Customizer Panel and see all changes live without page reloading.

The Theme Customizer has been integrated into the Consultancy and Finance Theme, so you can try it out using that theme. Please follow the steps below:

How The Theme Customizer Works For Users


Please note that the screenshots are for explanatory purposes. Content look may change.

Step 1:

You can load the Customizer three ways:


1. Dashboard > Appearance > Customize

2. Wordpress Admin Bar > Customize

3. Dashboard > Theme > Customize (The “Customize” link is right below the current theme’s description on the “Themes” page)

Step 2:

This brings up the Theme Customizer in the left column, along with a preview of your website on the right.

The Customizer options are shown side-by-side with a preview of your website, so you can test the effect of changes.

Step 3:

To make changes, all you have to do is select each of the available options and edit their settings.

Once you’ve made the changes you want, you must click the “Save & Publish” button. Until this is clicked, none of the changes are reflected in the live website. This means you can play to your heart’s content without your visitors seeing your experiments.

If you need more information about the Customizer, please check the links below: