This tutorial is kindly provided by the plugin developer. You can access the full and most accurate plugin's documentation on this URL:

Setting up the Revolution Slider

We always recommend importing the demo content. If you have done so you would have imported the sample sliders that come with the theme and replicate the one on the demo website. You can use these sliders as a starting point for your own website. The sample sliders are well designed and complex sliders. If you are not yet familiar with the slider and theme options it is a must to use them.

Revolution slider is a powerful and complex parallax slider. It gives you unlimited opportunities to create slides with many sub-layers with different animation.

Please note that the Revolution Slider is a plugin and have its own option panel found in Daxhboard > Revolution Slider

Please note that the most detailed and accurate instructions for editing a Revolution slider are available online:

How to add the Slider to a Page / Post header or content area?

Inserting the slider in the header area

Locate the "Edit Page" link in the toolbar:

The local slider options can be found just below the text editor in every page/post:

Inserting the slider using the Vamtam Beaver Builder

You can place a Revolution slider into page/post content, using the Vamtam Beaver Builder.

1. Click on the button to add a new module

2. Drag the Revolution slider module into the content area.

3. Chose a slider from the ones you've already created and edit the settings you need.

4. Hit "Done", next "Publish" to save your changes.


Some of the plugins may interfere with the way slider works. Please deactivate all your plugins, clear your browser cache and see if this fixes the issue.